WATCH: President Trump Barnstorms Across the Country with Trump Rallies

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All Across America – After recovering from the China Virus, President Trump went on a high energy crusade to win re-election by barnstorming across the country with MASSIVE MAGAA Trump Rallies! When he added a last minute rally in New England we attended the Trump Rally in Manchester NH. After waiting hours in a miles long line, It was a blast to see Air Force One pull right up to the rally and President Trump deplane, give his speech and then dance back onto Air Force One and head to a second rally in Maine. The above video shows the Manchester NH rally from our viewpoint in the bleachers right next to Air Force One with a series of photos and video clips.

President Trump’s barnstorming strategy is working as his surging support just passed Biden in the latest Rasmussen poll with 48% to Biden’s 47% as Biden’s support collapses 12 points in two weeks. President Trump also hits a 52% approval where Obama only had 48% at the same point in his re-election.

So, even though the Fake Polls of the Democrat-Media Complex Fake News say Biden will win, as they said Hillary would win in 2016, Trump may indeed be on the path for another shocking upset victory on November 3rd.

If you can’t make it to an awesome Trump Rally, then jump in your car and join a Trump Caravan! Here’s a list of Trump Caravans across the nation in the final weekend! #MAGAA

Get out there and VOTE A BIG RED WAVE FOR TRUMP 2020!

A View of the MASSIVE Manchester NH Crowd From Opposite End of Where We were

Trump SCORCHES Biden with Video at NH Rally

The scorching video Included Biden’s Promise to Raise Taxes and his story about children stroking his “Hairy Legs,” LOL!

Full Coverage of the Entire Manchester NH Trump Rally

More Trump Supporters at Biden Rally than Biden Supporters, Biden Calls them Chumps

BIGLY Barnstorming Playlist of MAGA Trump Rallies

Watch some of the massive high energy MAGA Trump Rallies as President Trump barnstorms across the nation.

YUUGE Video Playlist of MAGA Trump Caravans

Trump car parades that began this fall pick up steam in support of President Trump as the election nears.

MASSIVE Red Wave Rising Playlist of Trump Flotillas

Trump boat parades that spontaneously erupted all summer catch a new wave in support of President Trump as he recovers from COVID.

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