WATCH President Trump Join Mike Lindell Before State AGs’ 2020 Election Fraud Lawsuit Heads to SCOTUS— Full Transcript

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The above wide ranging video conversation between President Donald J. Trump and Mike Lindell was filmed on location at Mar-a-lago on November 4, 2021. The video was produced and directed by Brannon Howse with camera operators Logan Howse and Michael Nene. The powerful interview was then released on on November 16, 2021 as the lead-in to numerous Attorneys General filing a massive 2020 election fraud lawsuit against the United States Government in the Supreme Court on November 23rd. Mike Lindell will host a Thank-a-thon livestream which begins at midnight on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and will run for 96 hours straight, on The Thank-a-thon will provide in-depth coverage about the monumental 2020 election fraud lawsuit and do a deep dive into the deluge of evidence.

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Full transcript of Mike Lindell’s Interview of President Donald J. Trump

Mike Lindell: Hello everyone, I’m down here at Mar-a-Lago and I’m going to be interviewing our real President Donald J Trump. This is very exciting for me. I never thought I’d be the interviewer. Usually, I’m the interviewee and I’ve got a lot of questions I wrote that I don’t believe he’s been asked — some of them I know he hasn’t been asked and I’m very excited to see if we can all share and hear his — some of the things that the questions at all of you out there wanted to hear when we asked you all what would you like to hear in this interview. So enjoy and we’ll see you when it’s over.

Lindell: Well, it seems like a lifetime ago that we met in August of 2016.

Donald Trump: That’s right.

Lindell: You know my whole life I didn’t think politics affected me at all and one of the things that you’ve shown us all is that it affects almost everything in our lives — politics do. And I’ve told many people that you have a gift of: problem, solution, and what it would manifest to and that’s why I thought that you’d be the best president ever when I left that office. All the decisions that you made manifest into December 2019 that was the best time in history. [We had] Merry Christmas. We had the lowest unemployment,

Trump: We had everything.

Lindell: the highest consumer confidence. But I want to ask you a question you probably haven’t been asked. Is running the country — was it what you expected it was like when you were running your business?

Trump: So, I would say there are things you can learn and you have learned from running a business but there’s nothing like running this country and part of it is a beautiful thing and part of it is a horrible thing. And we were attacked from every angle. You want to do things that were good that you understand are good and anybody with common sense understands is good and we had impeachment hoax number one, impeachment hoax number two. The Muller thing which proved no collusion and all of these different things happened and I’ve always said that I had two jobs, to run the country and I think we did better than just about anybody. We did a job on employment and on — look at energy, we were energy independent. Look at what’s happening now. Our military. We rebuilt it. We did so many things. It was an incredible period of time. But, I had to run the country and I had to survive. And the survival was by far the tougher. We were just being hit on by every single group of — these radical leftist groups and actually they’re very dangerous for our country.

Lindell: Absolutely. If you took that aside though. So, it was because of stuff you learned in business. If you have a problem — solution. I mean you do have a gift. If it’s knowing what will manifest through to help all people and I think you’ve show me what a politician should be to help the people.

Trump: Solving problems.

Lindell: Solving problems. Common sense.

Trump: A lot of common sense.

Lindell: OK, now we look at the exact opposite is there with what political decisions can do and can you believe how fast our country is being destroyed? You know we’ve skipped — I thought everyone was saying socialism. We skipped right over into communism.

Trump: I really agree with that. You look at the press. The radical — it’s become a radicalized press. We don’t have freedom of the press anymore. And you’re absolutely right. That’s the first step toward communism. We don’t have any press. They don’t cover. If you do something great Mike, and you’ve done some great things, they won’t report it.

Lindell: I call that going Fox on you. Ha ha. Don’t go Fox on me.

Trump: Yeah, I understand that and exactly what you’re saying, but, the fact is you’ve done some incredible things and they won’t report it. If you’re a little bit off, lie, a little bad day, and they did make it look like it’s one of the worst days in history. And actually, the worst is, if you do something good they’ll actually make it into, like you did something bad. No the press is very, very dishonest and it’s really to the detriment of our country.

Lindell: I think it’s the biggest evil we have right now or the biggest detriment. A year ago we watched the biggest crime in history unfold right before our eyes. You’ve compared it to robbing a diamond store and they were caught and we had enough evidence, I believe, to passed it out to 300 and some million people. Here you take a piece, you take a piece, and everybody went to prison for life. We all saw the evidence but no judges, including the Supreme Court, looked at the evidence. They just kicked the can down the road and said ‘No standing. No standing.’ Do you think that all that could have happened without the corrupt media. That was the big coverup.

Trump: No, and the media were not involved in this coverup. And they were involved together. It was collusion because they were communicating together. I remember they used the word, it was a ‘manufactured’ something. All of a sudden it was on ABC, NBC, CBS. It was on everything. It was the word and they passed it out. It’s almost like they said cuz it wasn’t a word you would ever use for politics. The word was ‘manufactured’ and the headline of every newscast was ‘manufactured.’ They were told to use it. They colluded. It’s just a terrible thing that’s happened to our country and it’s got to straighten out.

Lindell: Yeah, it does. I tell a journalist off everyday. I just had one here today from The Huffington Post. I said why do you want to destroy our country? I told him you know you attacked myself, my employees, my company. What am I doing? Just trying to get the word out of something to help save our country?

Trump: But they don’t let you get an honest word out. They’ll take what you say and they’ll make it like totally different. You won’t even recognize what you said. And it really is misinformation or disinformation. What they do in terms of disinformation, it’s genius but so bad for this country.

Lindell: It is. Well, you get that or they don’t or they don’t talk. I mean, they go completely Fox. When I had the Cyber Symposium, I’m getting a little ahead here, but when I had that, afterwards nobody won the five million dollar prize because it was all evidence from the 2020 election. And then they went completely Fox on me, or completely silent I say. Nobody talked. They didn’t do a bad story about me for nine days. Then they said I sold my plane because I went broke, trying to find fraud, as I’m flying around in it. Ha ha. Then the next day I tell them ‘I didn’t sell my plane.’ I said I just hired 200 more employees. The next day the story comes out ‘Mike Lindell hires 200 more employees. He’s making money off this.’

Trump: It’s very sad when you look at what the networks, even the ones that are supposedly on our side, and there not many. And there is no side. What we want is a strong military, great education for our children, a nice house to live in. You know it’s so basic.

Lindell: Common sense. Common sense.

Trump: and they fight us. It’s very sad.

Lindell: You go back to November 4th and we all live this Twilight Zone. I would say. There’s an old saying that if a tree falls in the forest and no one heard it did it really fall? Well then the media tells us ‘there is no Forest.’ I mean that’s what it was back in November and December and you know we were all living in this Twilight Zone. You were living there with us and but then you had all the betrayals and attacks on you that escalated to a whole nother level and Eric told me once that you said right before you were going down that escalator to make your famous announcement, that you said ‘Well, we’re going to find out now who are true friends are.’

Trump: That’s true.

Lindell: and I never forgot that he said that to me and you know it was everyone out there since that time, we’ve all been praying for you, for you to have strength and my question is — What does give you the emotional strength to handle it all?

Trump: Well you know it’s interesting you mention people because I’ve had some disloyal people, and we always do through life. You know, you put somebody in. You think they’re great. Sometimes you put somebody in you’re not so sure and they turn out to be great. But I’ve also had tremendous people in the White House. We had some tremendous successes. We had some really very very talented people. But we also had people that were very bad and very incompetent. You put them in. They come highly recommended by rhinos and others.

Lindell: What the Kemps of the world?

Trump: Yeah well, And they just don’t — no, he was very disappointing. I got him elected. If it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t be governor of Georgia. It wouldn’t even be close. He wouldn’t have won the primary to start off with. And he wouldn’t have won the race with Stacy Abrams. So he was a tremendous disappointment. All we wanted was voter integrity. That’s all we wanted. So, that was very sad, but, and there are others. For the most part, it has been loyal. I’ve had great loyalty from a lot of people. Now people don’t want to right about them. You know it’s not as exciting.

Lindell: But I mean the emotional strength, where do you get the emotional strength from? Because we pray for you all the time to get that.

Trump: Yeah, people ask. People ask. It’s not only from that. It’s just the whole — they come at you from every different side. I went four years, and it was totally phony to start off with, but now you reading all about the Russia thing. It was a hoax. It was set up by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and paid for. And they dealt with Russia. And what could be crazier than that. It just came out today, as you see, they nabbed another one. And her lawyer was involved. I mean the whole thing — Durham — while it’s taking a long time, it’s very devastating things that he’s coming out with for them. So, you know, that was a hoax. The phone call with Ukraine was a perfect, I say a perfect call. You got impeached for a phone call that was a perfect call. I’ll never forget Tim Scott, who’s a terrific man and a terrific senator from South Carolina. He read the call. Fortunately, I had people transcribing it. Had they known that, they would have never done the impeachment because they found out much later. But fortunately we had it. But you know, Tim Scott said, he read the call, it was a perfect call or what are you doing? But they went down the line. They said let’s just keep going. These are people that are — they’re bad people. Anyways.

Lindell: So I guess you love the country so much that you’re just, ah — you’ve got better things to do. You know.

Trump: No, I love the country and we made such progress and we’ve done so many things, even though it was constantly, constantly under attack. Constantly — and by the way do you hear that beautiful tropical rain? Isn’t that incredible? That’s really coming down. One thing in Florida, when it comes down, it comes down.

Lindell: Yes, that’s awesome.

Trump: But, no, I love the country, and I had a goal and the goal was to do what we did. And I think you could almost say that few presidents, if any, did what we did when we rebuilt the military. We did so much, and we did it under a lot of pressure because there was so many other outside forces that were fighting us. I just considered it a great honor. I was very disappointed, as you were, as millions of people were. I think I read 78% of one of our great parties felt that the election was rigged and stolen. And it was rigged.

Lindell: Well, it turns out you’ve got — you know you talk about betrayal. You have Bill Barr, that before the elections says you know the machines could be hacked and China could be — we have to worry about China. Then he says to everyone, to the whole country, there’s not enough evidence to overturn the election. Then, we find out now. We’re finding all this later. He sends a letter, an email whatever, to order an attorney or a US attorney in Pennsylvania not to look at the evidence. I mean that’s shameful. And then you’ve got like Chris Krebs that said it was the fairest election ever, best election ever. And then a couple months later, he’s on MSNBC, and what does he say? He said what’ the biggest threat to our country? China attacking us in a Cyber Attack right down to the local races. I said what did he copy the evidence? I don’t think — to live in the twilight zone there, and then Radcliff. How about January 7th, when John Radcliff, the DNI, Director of National Intelligence, comes out with a letter saying that China, the evidence of China tech had been suppressed. And then, isn’t that kind of funny the same day they took away all our freedom, freedom of speech. They took away your social media. The media went into this attack. At that point, I mean that had to be at least at for me I’m going, this can’t even be real. They take away the president’s voice and millions of us. I mean at that point it was ah — you know, how were you feeling then I mean was it like a disbelief?

Trump: So, I had hundreds of millions of people too. We had a tremendous — whether it was Twitter or it was Instagram, Facebook, I had you know just massive numbers of people and all of a sudden, one day you wake up and you don’t have that voice any more and you have to rebuild it in a sense in a different form and it was terrible. You know you mentioned Barr, that was very disappointing. You mentioned Krebs. I never, I don’t know Krebs. I don’t know who this guy is but I’d see him on television all the time on CNN, on MSDNC as I call it. This guys was talking about the honesty of our elections. All you have to do is take a look at some of the reports that have come out since all of that. These elections were incredibly dishonest. Arizona where they put the findings, thousands and thousands and thousands of votes. Far more than you need. You look at Georgia. It was terrible. You look at Pennsylvania. Now the good news is a lot of those states, Pennsylvania’s got subpoenas now all over the place. They’re going to get to the bottom of it. You see what happened today in Wisconsin, where they found thousands and thousands of votes. It was just corrupt. And things are happening.

Lindell: Well, you’ve said let’s fix 2020 first.

Trump: Well, I think it’s important they know what happened in 2020. Once you know what happened they have a decision to make. Look, I think enough people know what happened. You look at Arizona, we don’t need all those states. We need two big ones and three small ones. I guess. Separately. You can have two big ones or you can have three small ones, something like that. We know what happened. You see it in the reports. You see it in everything. And also they’re guarding, they’re so guarding it. They don’t want to give the votes. They don’t want to give the ballots. Mail-in ballots are a disaster. They basically used COVID-19, the China Virus, to rig the election and it’s a shame. And I hope the Republicans get tougher. Mitch McConnell’s a disaster. The guy’s a disaster. The old crow. He should have never approved that. He should have never allowed — and was very sad when Mike Pence gave those votes over because when you have more votes than you have voters, when you have other things that are so wrong and that was then. Now since then, many other things have happened which showed that you were right and I was right and other people were right that were looking at it. It’s a — it’s a very sad thing. We proved two things. Number one, the press is dishonest. And number two and you know, some people thought it but you know I had a very high approval record. Now it’s got, lower than Congress. Press is dishonest. We have a very dishonest press. And we have rigged elections and of course we of horrible borders but we had the best border that we’ve ever had in the history of our country. That means drugs and people and now it’s the worst. In a period of 9 months it went from the best ever to the worst ever.

Lindell: You’re exactly right. But, I’ve said it before, and I’ve been telling everybody, there is — everyone says “Well, Mike, when are the machines gonna be on, when’s our real president coming back in?” I get these questions all the time and I say, you know what? God’s had his hand in all of this, I believe. Look what’s happened on the positive side. We’ve seen evil rise up and you see all the bad politicians, you see all the — that where the corruption was. So more is getting revealed every day and I say it’s like two buckets. You have a bucket here of everyone that knows it was rigged and who knows what happened, back then democrats are going hey, even though they’re on the winning side of a rigged football game, they’re going they don’t want to believe it. Now, even 35% of them say it was a rigged election and they want to believe it. Why, because all the horrific things that are going on in our country and I thought I believe their eyes are getting opened up because they — nobody believes the fake media anymore, the crooked media. Do you think we’ll be able to beat the media? Don’t you think that’s the big win, getting around to get our voices out?

Trump: I think we’re getting our voices out. I think we’re getting them out. That’s why they realize that watching some of these — you look at the ratings on television. The ratings are so low. Because they’ve lost credibility. But I think when you talk about silencing of the press, I really think it’s because they have one subject they don’t want to talk about and that was the 2020 presidential election scam.

And it all revolves around that whether it’s Hunter Biden that they silenced when the New York Post first came out with those exposes, those horrible exposes, they tried to put the New York Post out of business. Nobody ever heard of that. It should have been a big story in every paper. Nobody ever covered it. They don’t want to get anywhere near the election fraud because we’re too close. They don’t want it to be revealed. They will do anything to stop it and when you hear silence when you hear all of that, that’s the thing they want silence on, cuz you read that Time magazine article, the cover of Time Magazine.

Lindell: Well, they bragged about it.

Trump: Basically they couldn’t help themselves. They did it and they’re saying “We got it.” You know it wasn’t a full brag at us, but it was at brag — and that’s the way it happened, that’s a part of the way it happened, but they couldn’t help themselves, they did something they can’t believe and they needed much more because we did much better, we got so many votes that we swapped them and they just went crazy that night and for a short time thereafter, but they don’t want to talk about it talk about it, but they did talk about it in Time Magazine and it was very interesting.

Lindell: With you, holding firm to fix 2020 first, I’m telling you right now, millions upon millions of people now are getting the courage and they’re out there on the ground, the audits are getting done, they’re doing — I mean they’re encouraged — they want the, they want the — we’ve got to have fair elections. Our country is gone if it’s not fixed by 2022, it’s over.

Trump: And Mike, I have good people and bad people. But I have a lot of good people say: “Sir, forget about 2020. You’re gonna win. You’re way up in the polls. You’re gonna win.” I say we’re not gonna have a country in 3 years. This guy did this in 9 months — destroyed our country. And I say Make America Great Again. That was my theme, and it was going to be Keep America Great. I gave that away. Threw them all away… It’s not, because America’s not great now. America is a laughing stock all over the world. When you have Afghanistan with that horrible tragedy that happened in Afghanistan. When you have millions of people pouring in, we have no idea who they are, just pouring into our country. They could’ve finished the wall in 2 weeks. They could have had the all done. It was almost finished. 500 miles of wall that goes — it was almost finished. They wanted to be open and first I thought they were incompetent and now I realize they actually want it open. They want open borders. We’re gonna have tens of millions of people pouring in. They have no idea who they are.

Lindell: Well, there’s an agenda behind it. You know, for me, you know, from the time I met you and I came into politics, went all in, it just made sense because of your common sense solutions. I have seen, of all the politicians I’ve met now, I can count on two hands, if that, maybe one hand, the politicians that have the people’s back, like you do. Where your making decisions, so I tell everyone, I know Democrats and liberal friends, all you’ve got to do is look at the decisions that are being made right now. If they don’t help anybody, they’ve got their own agenda.

Trump: Well look at the money they make. They’re full time politicians, Pelosi and all these people, Waters, Obama. I expected to lose a lot of money but I lost billions. I expected that. I was Okay. These people made money being president and if somebody from Saudi Arabia stays in a suite one night for peanuts, even though I’m willing to lose billions of dollars and they stay, and they pay $600 or whatever it is, they’ll make like oh somebody stayed. I mean it’s the most incredible thing. But these people have made a fortune. Many of them have made a fortune and I was prepared I I felt that if I go in — I mean the brand, all of a sudden half the people like you. I think it’s more than that. I actually do, I think it’s more than that. You know Mike, I don’t think it’s a 50/50 country. When you have things like no voter ID, defund the police, open borders, sanctuary cities, all of this stuff they have, I don’t believe 50% of the people vote for that. I think they cheat on elections, and they do other things and that gets them up to that 50%. But they can’t have 50% with those policies.

Lindell: Absolutely not. When you were president I kept telling people: “everybody loves our president, some just don’t know it yet.” What’s happening is, here’s a bucket of the stuff you did. Here’s the people who voted for you. And here’s another bucket again. And I keep telling people there isn’t one thing you ever did which a person would go that way. So it was a constant pouring of the people over here, and you know, the real totals you got over 80 million votes. That’s fact. I’ve got that. That’s fact. Over 80 million the most of anybody in history you know and people over here they’re waking up. They’re not only — I believe we get through this and we’re going to — It’ just going to be an amazing place, but we had to go through it all and you were able to smash that.

Trump: Well, you have been so brave. You’re an incredible patriot. You have been so brave. I’ll never forget the first rally. I’d seen you for years on television but I never met you and I’m making a speech and I have, I think Alabama, I have like 65,000 people in the audience and I see you. I said, that’s the pillow guy. I can’t believe it. The pillow guy’s here. But you’re an incredibly patriot. And people love you.

Lindell: Well, it becomes pretty easy when you — we lose our country, you know?

Trump: But isn’t it amazing, you give the facts. You say here’s how they cheated because now we know more than we did a few months ago and every month we learn more. When you look at what happened in Wisconsin, when you look at what they just did in Arizona, they just found some, in Pima county.

Lindell: Yeah, Pima county. 100 and some percent of the people voted that live in the county.

Trump: Yeah, that’s right, the whole thing. They just found this out two days ago. And you see it. And you present it to politicians that are friends of ours, sort of, and they said oh, don’t worry you’re gonna win next time. I say what do you mean?

Lindell: There is no next time.

Trump: There is none. You’re not going to have a country left. And I’m saying these are good people. They say oh, don’t worry about it, 45000 votes. Which is far more than you need, right? Don’t worry about it you’re going to win next time. I say where do they come? Now then we have the other kind that are so on our side. I’m amazed that so many people say “Sir, you’re doing so well. Don’t worry you’re going to win the next time.” That means that we’re allowed to have a president that had all of this stuff going on running our country and he’s doing such a poor job. It’s not like, wow, the country is great. And that, in theory, shouldn’t matter either, but the fact is, we have somebody that’s destroying our country. You look at inflation. You look at the economy. You look at Afghanistan. That was the most embarrassing moment for our country in the history of our country. You look at every single thing. Even look at the supply chains. Did you ever hear even a question of a problem with a supply chain? So you have thousands of ships, probably causing you a lot of problems in your business.

Lindell: Luckily I make a lot of my product here. But I’ll tell you this. If I had been their marketer, and, on inauguration day, I would have said — I would have got in a room and I would have said OK, let’s not do anything stupid to ruin the country until they shut up about the 2020 election. But what do they do the first day? They lay off 50,000 Union jobs, shut the pipeline down. They knew what that would manifest to. It’s not just what you pay in gas. All the shipping right now, it’s going to be double digit inflation. People have no idea what’s coming, and it’s all because of what? The steal of the 2020 election.

Trump: Mike, I closed the Russian Pipeline to Europe and to Germany. I closed the Russian pipeline all over Europe. I closed it and then they say, oh he’s so friendly with Russia. That’s, that’s the biggest thing you could do, and I get along with Putin. I get along with everybody, but I ran it like you’re supposed to run it, and then Biden comes along and he opens it. I mean, that’s the biggest thing you can do, but he closes our Keystone Pipeline. I mean can you imagine that?

Lindell: That doesn’t even make sense.

Trump: No, it doesn’t make sense.

Lindell: 13 of them committed suicide by the way. They were promised jobs.

Trump: And then he gets good publicity. He closes it and they hardly talk about it. They don’t talk about Afghanistan anymore. You never see it on the news. That story disappeared weeks ago. The most embarrassing thing ever happened to our country, where we fled, we surrendered. 13 young people were killed. They don’t talk about the people whose arms are gone, whose legs are gone. You know we had 28 soldiers, no legs, no arms, one had two legs gone, one arm gone. They don’t even talk about those people. We left Americans behind by the thousands possibly and we left and he took the military out before all the others. And then we left 85, 85 billion dollars worth of equipment, and people don’t talk about it. When was the last time you heard the word Afghanistan? You and I talk about it.

Lindell: You know what it was? Not even two days later. A couple days later he gets on TV and talks about if you have a hundred people you have a [vaccine] mandate in your company if you’re more than a hundred employees. That was just a deflection to not talk about Afghanistan. So everybody gets up as one — that’s the media.

Trump: Well, that’s one of the reasons, also, that our economy is going bad, the [vaccine] mandate.

Lindell: In closing I want to say there’s you know, back to the election 2020. I want to thank you and everyone does for standing firm on that because anyone that moves on from that, then you’re saying you’re okay with that and you’ve given strength on millions of people that are going, are behind you and we’re going to get to it to get it gone. I’ve said we’re going to melt down the machines and [turn] them into prison bars.

Trump: That’s very interesting. It’s a very good idea. You know, of all the things I talk about like at rallies, we have these great rallies, 69,000 people, 55,000 people. We’re going to Nevada soon. We’re going to a massive field. It’s going to be packed instantly. So, I can feel an audience, so can you. The thing they want to talk about more than any other subject is the election fraud of 2020 because they want that fixed. Because they can’t have a country without that. You know I used to say borders, we’ve got to have borders. We don’t have borders and we don’t have a free and fair press. So, this country has a long way to go.

Lindell: Well, I’ve said it before too. If you have a cyber attack, which I’ve stood firm on that, I have the evidence. And if you have a cyber attack. You have cyber attacks every day. We have it on our gas line, we have it on credit card companies, businesses like ours. When you have this it’s like you’ve got protection. Well, your geeks are better than — the good geeks are better than the bad geeks and then they, virus protection and all this. Well, if you get through what it amounts to is just a money thing but when you get through in an election you take everything, our freedoms, everything. And that’s where I think you know where people have to realize out there you know even — I really believe. I’ve told journalists out there, don’t you care about your country? But their bosses bosses whatever they can’t even print something good if they wanted to and that’s so hard getting around. You almost got to use the bad media to even get the word out.

Trump: Well, it’s incredible when communities, Mike, Milwaukee, they don’t want to show their records okay, Philadelphia, known as being one of the most corrupt places and especially as it pertains to elections, but Detroit is the king of them all and they don’t want to have you look at anything. And you found out that in much easier times where the mail in stuff was, you know, much tougher, they found 5%. Now in times where many many times the number go out they find it’s less than 1 1/100 of 1%. In other words it’s never corrupt. You know it’s massively corrupt because it has to be much more than before they sent all of those out.

Lindell: Well it is. This is the only election in history where you have all these states where massive amounts of non-residents voted in each state. Or people that were dead. Well of course they didn’t vote, they used their names. What we’ve been doing around is getting all the states — the registered, their voter rolls, and the people that registered after, you know, on their voter roles afterward. So we can get it, everyone can have access and access to them and you look at these anomalies going okay this county has this many people but yet 2,000 more people voted than live there.

Trump: No, no, when you have more votes than you have people they try and pretend there’s nothing wrong with that. And it amazes me where these communities though don’t want to have anyone see it. In fact they get rid of the evidence. And they don’t want to have anyone — and you’re not talking about a lot of votes. You have a lot of votes that were cheated on, but we lost by so little.

Lindell: Right, they cheated just enough to — you got so many votes that they had to — broke everything in the algorithms at 11 O’clock on election night. One of the things — you can take apart everything — the deviations that I’ve seen. One of the things I watched Arizona for a week. It took a week to count 2% of the vote? Well, they had to spend a week figuring out — cause you were going to go by 80,000. You won Arizona by a quarter million votes. They had to figure out how are we gonna cheat? It took them a week. Michigan, they were easy. You know what they did? They dump a hundred and something thousand votes for Biden in the middle of the night. You can watch it. And then they say to us well those were those mail in votes. Well here, what people don’t know…

Trump: When you look at that chart in Michigan, it’s going along all of a sudden it spikes up to the ceiling.

Lindell: Right, and what people don’t realize is, those weren’t mail in votes. The mail in votes were not counted in the middle of the night on the 4th, they were the first votes counted on the morning of the 3rd. So you say that to people — one of the things — when you had that conversation with terrible crooked Brad Raffensperger in Georgia, that phone call, that right there, should that whole people, everyone in this country should have said you need to show your stuff Raffensperger because gee, you had 15,000 non-residents voted, 6,000 it was right in front of you, all these stats. And I remember you saying give us a couple, these people can’t vote. And he said well those aren’t the real numbers. And you said well where are the real numbers and your, one of your attorneys said ah, we got them from him sir. And then you asked him when are we gonna get the real numbers? He never provided the real numbers.

Trump: And they said they were gonna meet, and we never met. They would never meet. And he said I think there were two dead people, right? Not thousands, there were two dead people. He said that on the call. It’s not even believable what’s taking place. You know what else isn’t believable? You have somebody cold. And even Republicans, like the RINOs, they sort of get on with life. Then you say why? Is it dishonesty or is it complacency? What is it? But, you are a fighter and I’ll tell you this country — I really believe this country some day is going to be very appreciative of what you’ve done.

Lindell: Well, thank you sir. I give my glory to God.

Trump: You’re a great Patriot.

Lindell: I want to say one more thing here. What surprises me is since the Cyber Symposium I’ve been going into the red states. You think you’d get there. Get their voter roles. Show them. And say hey, let’s look inside your machines right through to your routers. Here’s what happened here. You go to a residence. One person lives there. You find out twelve live there. But they didn’t, they just used their name. So you show them this. You show them all this and yet they’ll go a no, we were secure. I’m going look at it. And these are some of them are people and it’s like you say, why are you being complacent? It’s almost like we did nothing. If we got 2020 and let it go you know what they’d be saying two years from now? I wish we’d have listened.

Trump: Yeah, no, I think we’re doing a very important thing. We’re going to find out. You mentioned Red States. It’s very interesting that we went to Texas they want to have a big thing even though I won Texas by a lot we should have won it by much much more. Texas is not a Blue State, Okay? And we had a tremendous victory in Texas and in Florida but I have no doubt that there were a lot of things that went on and they should really get to it. Because you’re going to lose elections in those states eventually. You’re going to lose Texas at some point and you didn’t really lose it.

Lindell: The most votes were California number one stole, Texas number two, Florida number three. You know it was all 50 states.

Trump: If we didn’t swamp them in Texas and Florida I wouldn’t have won those two states.

Lindell: Well, we’re going to get through it all and I believe that when we get way out here we’re going to look back and all this had to happen the way God intended it because everything that you did to show us what great leadership should be and what it can manifest to help all people however alive and have a great life in this country, the best country in the world. And I want to thank you as millions do for being the greatest President we’ve ever had.

Trump: Well, thank you. It’s really an honor. The good news is we’re going to look back at what they did and we’re going to say they did a terrible job. So they won’t be able to talk because the job they’ve done is record-setting bad and we’re going to take back our country. Thank you Mike.

Lindell: God bless you. Thank you.

Was that awesome or what? Thank you all for watching and I hope you enjoy the interview when I want you all to do something now. Go out and tell everybody know that the Attorneys General from these states are putting a lawsuit in on November 23rd 2 days before Thanksgiving to sue the United States government over the 2020 election. And here’s a little bonus from Wednesday night at midnight before Thanksgiving all the way to Sunday night at midnight on Lindell TV we’re going to livestream for 96 hours straight. So you can get everyone you know you’re sitting around Thanksgiving tune us in. We’re on the Roku channel. Get everyone in your house to watch. This is the time we all have to come together, unite our country, and show everybody what happened in the 2020 election and help save our country.

Thank you 

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