WATCH: Revenge of the KRAKEN! A Wild Ride Down the Rabbit Hole of the 2020 Rigged Election Battle

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This summer Millennial Millie released a fascinating documentary on the military-industrial complex titled Shadowgate which was quickly banned and pulled down from YouTube. If only a small portion of what was in that film was true it would be earth shattering. Well Millie is back with a fascinating look at the allegedly stolen 2020 election, complete with a parade of new whistleblowers that take you down the rabbit hole painting a dramatic picture of psy-ops and counter psy-ops fighting over the rigged 2020 presidential election. As with Shadowgate, if even only a small portion of this turns out to be true, it means there’s much more going on below the surface than what is apparent. In any case we should be in for a wild ride up to January 6th’s counting of the Electoral Votes. STAY TUNED!

“You are witnessing an all-or-nothing struggle for the Presidency of the United States. This foreign internal defense sting operation has captured in real time the biggest criminal conspiracy in America history. The winner will control the fate of history for all time – the stakes couldn’t be higher.”

Millennial Millie

WATCH and SHARE this while you still can! YouTube will most likely ban and censor the video. (I’ll adjust the link to a backup if YouTube does block it.)

Patrick Bryne – President Trump Appoints Sidney Powell Special Counsel?

According to Patrick Byrne, in his meeting with President Trump, Sidney Powell, and Michael Flynn last week President Trump verbally appointed Sidney Powell as his Special Counsel to investigate the alleged 2020 election fraud. His lawyer, Pat Cipollene disagreed and then Mark Meadows apparently defied the order and denied Sidney access in the following days. We’ll see what develops over the coming week.

Here’s What Sidney Powell Has to Say About the Meeting

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