WATCH: Trump Derangement Syndrome Reaches New Heights – Now When Leftists Heads Explode They Write TRUMP 2020 in the Sky

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President Donald Trump is well known for his ability to play 4-D chess while his opponents are playing checkers. He’s a master at playing his opponents and getting inside their heads to cause them to do all sorts of things which turn out to further his own ends at their expense. The latest example of this was clearly seen in the results of the Republican National Convention. After the Democrat National Convention, Joe Biden failed to get any bounce. In fact Donald Trump got a little bounce from the DNC. Then as the RNC was coming to a conclusion it was becoming clear to all the Washington pundits that President Trump would get a HUUUUGE bounce. So by the time he concluded his America First Speech he had gotten so far into the leftists heads that as their heads exploded all over Washington DC they wrote TRUMP 2020 in the sky.

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