WATCH: Trump Support Rises Beyond Reach! Lufkin Trump Tree Flags

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Lufkin Texas – Trump supporters across the country routinely have to deal with the hate and intolerance of deranged leftists who steal, deface and destroy their Trump signs, Trump flags and even American flags. Well one Trump supporter in Lufkin Texas has decided to fight back with Lufkin Trump tree flags. He secretly scales the tallest trees around town and plants Trump and American flags right at the tip-pity tops of those trees. He places them far beyond the reach of leftists with Trump derangement syndrome. Check out the above shared video by Dena Michele about their “Flag Ninja” or “Flag Fairy” making a very special flag planting while dressed as Donald Trump, complete with his own mini secret service detail and presidential limo.

Dena Michele recounts the inspiring story:

My hometown is a special place full of people with big hearts and huge pride for our nation. We have a “Flag Fairy” or “Flag Ninja” as I like to call him. My friend, the Ninja, has been secretly raising American flags in tree tops all over the county, and not very many know his true identity. There are currently 38 flags flying high. This day he dressed as the President because the Ninja heard of a man named Sammy “The Bull”, who is Trump’s number one fan. Sammy lives an hour away from my town, but he loves for his family to bring him our way so he can spot all the flags flying high in our trees. The Flag Fairy heard that Sammy might need something extra to bring a smile to his face, since he is facing some medical challenges and will be having another surgery in November. My friend, the Fairy-Ninja, organized a special flag raising complete with secret service and motorcade, just for Sammy. Sammy was completely surprised to see Trump roll up and get out of the limo, only to scale the tree and raise an American Flag high above our town. After the flag was secured, the “Ninja Fairy”, repelled down the tree and he and his team presented Sammy with his own flag… one that he didn’t have yet.

Dena Michele

We send our thoughts and prayers to Sammy and we wish him well in his upcoming surgery! Since Sammy is a big Trump supporter we’re sure a big Trump victory on Nov. 3rd would help keep his spirits up.

If you can’t make it to an awesome Trump Rally, then jump in your car and join a Trump Caravan! Here’s a list of Trump Caravans across the nation in the final weekend! #MAGAA

Get out there and VOTE A BIG RED WAVE FOR TRUMP 2020!

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