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PENNSYLVANIA 7/14/21 – The explosive evidence of election fraud coming out of Arizona and Georgia and now triggering another forensic audit in Pennsylvania has forced Sleepy Joe Biden to rush to Pennsylvania to try to stop the audits. So he gave a Big Lie speech in Pennsylvania, under the guise of “voting rights,” as he attempts to head off the new forensic audits. Of course the speech was nothing but a string of lies punctuated with “literally” and “I mean, really” All that was missing was a “Come on Man!”

The White House posted a video of the speech which has more than ten times as many down-votes as up-votes and less than 18K votes.

Even out of office, President Trump gets millions of views for his speech videos… Nobody believes that Biden got more votes than anyone in history. LOL! The White House video has the requisite sign language translator. So in the above video we imagined how the speech might go, if President Trump took that spot and performed his own translation of all Biden’s lies. Enjoy! LOL!

Biden Walked Right Into A Major Trap And Made Huge Fool Of Himself

Biden Can’t Defend His Own Legitimacy

Save America President Donald J. Trump

– July 13, 2021 –

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Joe Biden is going to Pennsylvania today in a rush in order to stop the Forensic Audit that the Pennsylvania Republican Senate is in the process of doing. Philadelphia was a cesspool of corruption, which will soon be revealed by the audit. Why are they so concerned that a President, who never goes anywhere, would hop onto beautiful Air Force One and head to Philadelphia if it were an honest election? Why not let the audit go forward and make everybody, on both sides, happy? The results will be the results. But they know it was not an honest election, Philadelphia was one of the most corrupt cities in the Country — and so it Detroit, and so is Milwaukee, and so is Atlanta, and Pittsburgh, and Oakland, and Baltimore. Corruption has gone on for years, but in the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, with the mail-in ballots and the use of Covid to cheat, corruption reached new levels. Remember the poll watchers being thrown out, the windows being sealed so nobody could look in, the ballot drops, and all of the other events that took place that changed so rapidly the Big Trump Win on election night.

Joe should say go forward with this, with all of these audits. His visit is a joke. He doesn’t need to visit, all he needs to do is let them do an audit and nd out what happened. Who knows, maybe they’ll say the election was on the up and up, but many people would be shocked. Let the audit go forward like it is in Arizona, despite 107 Democrat lawyers trying to stop it and failing.

Let the Forensic Audit go, Joe. Don’t fight it. Show them how honest it was.

– Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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