White House Announces Deplatforming Misinformation Gets Immediately Deplatformed

White House Announces Those Posting Misinformation to be Banned Online Gets Immediately Deplatformed

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WHITE HOUSE – In a stunning move today the White House announced that they would direct big brother tech socialist media to censor, block, ban and deplatform all those posting “misinformation” online. In order to accomplish this noble goal they have arranged to confiscate trillions of dollars from those still working and if that is insufficient they will just print trillions more. These funds are being invested in a massive AI project that they had originally begun in secret the day Biden was installed in the White House.

They have been working with all the top minds in the field of artificial intelligence building an AI algorithm that can vacuum up every bit of information being posted online. This algorithm is capable of analyzing each and every post. It can organize, categorize and rate each post for its truthfulness. It then associates each post back to who posted it and builds a misinformation score. Based on the strength of the misinformation score the user receives a warning, a temporary block, content deletion, full ban and in the most egregious cases, complete and total deplatforming.

Jen Psaki announced that they are now ready to bring the AI online and with a burst of applause they flipped the switch to make the AI algorithm live. Unfortunately, her microphone then immediately cut off and the power went out in the White House. Amid the instant chaos that ensued, the press pool found they could no longer connect online. Upon further investigation, it was found that the White House, ALL Democrats, mainstream media, big tech, Hollywood, education, woke sports, woke corporations and the woke military all found themselves permanently deplatformed with a misinformation score so high that it fried the AI algorithm which ultimately self destructed.

This finally left the Internet free from all the massive misinformation that has been plaguing it for years.

On another front, the bold move also cuts to the core of President Trump’s First Amendment lawsuit against big tech, namely that the government has been secretly directing #BigBrotherTech #SocialistMedia to censor speech, effectively making Big Tech an agent of the government. So in order to defeat Trump’s lawsuit they are having the government blatantly direct #BigBrotherTech #SocialistMedia to censor speech, explicitly making Big Tech an agent of the government. That should make Trump’s case harder to prove. LOL!

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