White House Releases Photo of Biden Working on Foreign Policy Plan as Kabul Falls to Taliban

UPDATE White House Releases Photo of Biden Working on Foreign Policy Plan with his Most Trusted Advisors

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CAMP DAVID — Today the White House released the above photo of Joe Biden working hard on his master foreign policy plan as Kabul fell to the Taliban. He had a minutes long planning session with his most trusted advisor on the television. Biden was seated in the conference room surrounded by all the other trusted advisors who were willing to share in the credit for his “Build Back Better” through weakness foreign policy.

Biden is building upon the same supreme strategy that he learned from the master strategist himself, Barrack Obama. When faced with Benghazi, Obama went on a fundraising junket to Vegas to party with Beyonce, Jay-Z and Pimp with a Limp. So now as Kabul falls and the Biden Regime’s genius strength through weakness foreign policy implodes, Biden is vacationing at Camp David watching cartoons by himself. His press secretary was also following the same in-command stance and also announced she was taking a week vacation.

Just as Obama’s politically correct weakness gave rise to ISIS, before Trump foolishly eradicated them with politically incorrect peace through strength America First policy, Biden launches his “Build Back Better” strategy for the Taliban by giving all of Afghanistan to them. The Taliban should be good for Climate Change because stone age civilizations don’t use much fossil fuels. And we shouldn’t have to worry about the Taliban using Afghanistan to renew launching terrorist strikes throughout the world including America, because before she left for vacation, his press secretary Jen Psaki “strongly urged” them to “make an assessment about what they want their role to be in the international community.” So they wouldn’t dare.

At the conclusion of his most trusted advisor’s episode, Biden gave two thumbs up with a big smile and said: “Mission Accomplished!” He then got up and spent a few minutes searching for the door before shuffling out for an ice cream cone and a nap.

[NOTE: This is satire/parody based on this embarrassing photo and the rapidly unfolding collapse of Biden’s dangerously naive foreign policy.]

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