CENSORED TRUTH DUMP — Who is Dennis Montgomery, Fake News Declared Fraudster or Patriot Whistleblower Trying to Save America? What Does a Computer Expert Skeptic Find?

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In the above video, Full Stack software and database developer / analyst, Jeff O’Donnell, joins The Pete Santilli Show Episode 3103. He’s one of the Computer Experts who analyzed the Dominion forensic images that Mesa County, Colorado Election Clerk Tina Peters captured. He co-wrote the Mesa County Colorado Election Systems Report #3: Election Database and Data Process Analysis, which proved electronic database manipulation and deletion of votes, virtually invalidating the Mesa County CO 2020 Election Results. Jeff O’Donnell is also analyzing the many 2020 CVR’s (Cast Vote Records) gathered by citizens from counties across the country that show additional proof of algorithmic manipulation of the 2020 election.

Jeff was one of many skeptics about the veracity of Dennis Montgomery and the validity of the 2020 Election PCAPS that he gave to Mike Lindell. Jeff was afraid that he’d have to “be the one to tell Mike Lindell that the PCAPS were crap.” So, Jeff was taken to meet with Dennis Montgomery and spent time analyzing exactly what Dennis Montgomery had. As Jeff explains to Pete Santelli, he was simply blown away and all his doubts were put to rest.

I walked in a skeptic and after a few hours became a — kind of like wow — and then after a few hours more it was like — Oh my God! This goes so far beyond our election. And, it’s hard for me to say that because election stuff has been all encompassing for me for the last year and a half, as with many of us. But, when you see this, this goes so far beyond there that it was shocking. It was almost a moment when you find out something shocking your head spins for a minute? Yea, I definitely had that.”

— Jeff O’Donnell on Dennis Montgomery and his data/technology

Pete Santilli Makes a Clarification & Correction About President Trump’s Knowledge of Dennis Montgomery’s Data.

In the above video, Pete Santilli explains that President Donald Trump had no knowledge that Mike Lindell was going to reveal Dennis Montgomery’s information at The Moment of Truth Summit after Pete had earlier postulated that Trump might have known.

Alex Newman: “Our Biggest Problem Is We Have Systematic Voter Fraud That Is Easy To Prove”

Pete’s Challenge to Former FBI Agent John Guandollo to Read the Montgomery Court Filings and Admit Montgomery is Legit

Operation Checkmate: Everything You Need to Know About Deep State FBI/CIA/NSA Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery

Pete Santilli assembles a massive collection of research including court documents, evidence (both pro and con), audio recordings and videos all about deep state FBI/CIA/NSA Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery and his evidence. Before you make up your mind about Dennis Montgomery, do yourself a favor and read through the real evidence compiled at: OPERATION CHECKMATE!

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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