WI Election Special Counsel Testifies on Zuckerberg $500M Tilting the “Election” for Biden and the Cover-up by the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) and Big-city Democrat Mayors Threatened with JAIL

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12/2/21 — In the above video Wisconsin Election Special Counsel and former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman provides an update on his 2020 Election Investigation to the Election Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections.

Subpoenas were issued to the Wisconsin Election Commission, the mayors of Green Bay, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine and Madison, that is the five cities that together took an aggregate of around nine million dollars from the Zuckerberg foundation in exchange for ceding some of their authority to administer that election. I issued similar subpoenas for the municipal clerks of those five cities.

In response, I received straight forward cooperation from the city of Kenosha and little or no cooperation from Madison, Milwaukee, Racine and Green Bay. After those subpoenas were served, Josh Kaul, the current [Democrat] attorney general of our state filed a lawsuit against speaker Vos, Chairman Brandtjen and my office, in which he has asked the court to prohibit me from asking any questions of Meagan Wolfe who is the administrator of Wisconsin Elections.

In response to this lawsuit Speaker Vos has had to hire attorneys, as has Chairman Brandtjen and myself. Like Josh Kaul and his hundreds of lawyers, all of our lawyers are being paid by the taxpayers.

Oral argument is set up on that matter before the court in Madison on December 23. On this past Monday, November 29, I filed two petitions for writs of attachment in the circuit court for Waukesha county against the mayors of Green Bay and Madison, Eric Genrich and Satya Rhodes-Conway. I did so because of all the clerks and of all the mayors, those two simply failed without reason or excuse to appear for their depositions and answer questions about how and to what extent they allowed Mark Zuckerberg’s employees to plan and administer their city’s election in November 2020.

This is a significant area of inquiry because undisputed news reports tell us that Mr. Zuckerberg and his wife Pricilla Chan spent a total of roughly five hundred million dollars to defeat incumbent president Donald Trump and elect the current president Joe Biden. Reasonable minds might wonder whether the millions of dollars each of these mayors received from the Zuckerbergs may have induced them to do something other than treat all candidates fairly and impartially, and whether those mayors used the Zuckerberg money to get out the vote for Joe Biden.

These questions have been left unasked by a suddenly incurious press. Rather, the state’s largest and once respected, but now rapidly failing, newspaper has taken up the partisan cause of unlawful electioneering by shielding from accountability potential wrong doing by government officials.

Eric Genrich and Satya Rhodes-Conway have chosen to ignore the subpoenas issued by the Wisconsin Assembly because they have no intention of answering uncomfortable questions about how they ran their election and what they did with the millions of dollars of Zuckerberg money they took.

The court date for the hearing on my petition is December 22, 2021. Rather than being held accountable for his partisan efforts Mayor Genrich has chosen to hire three law firms who it is reported have donated their services. All three law firms who are donating thousands and thousands of dollars worth of free legal services to Eric Genrich and the city of Green Bay share his partisanship. Whatever costs are borne of this coverup will again be paid for by the taxpayers.

Let’s talk about coverups, because that is exactly what the Wisconsin Election Commission, its administrator Meagan Wolfe and mayors Genrich and Rhodes-Conway are engaging in. They are trying to run and hide from accountability to the citizens they are supposed to serve. Why go through all this legal evasion, maneuvering and expense, unless they do not want the public to know what they have done?

There are different levels of proof in our United States legal system. The lowest is the reasonable articulable suspicion standard. The medium, is probably cause, more likely than not. Or in other words, probably. The highest of course is beyond a reasonable doubt. This investigation is not concluded, and so therefore I make no findings. I can make no findings beyond a reasonable doubt.

However, what is looking like what probably happened here is the implementation of a plan that was articulated very well and very succinctly in this book, by David Plouffe — A Citizen’s Guide to Beating Donald Trump. In it, David Plouffe, who is the former political director for former president Obama and is currently an employee of the Zuckerbergs, he wrote in the summer of 2019, the reporters who will no doubt check this out will say it was published in 2020, but when you read the book he tells us he was writing in the summer of 2019.

Mr Plouffe tells us that it is likely that in the 2020 election Wisconsin will become “a political war zone.” “A political war zone.” He writes as follows: “The contest for the presidency may come down to a block by block street fight in Detroit, Philadelphia and Milwaukee.” And so it was. Mr. Plouffe, after serving as president Obama’s political director went to work for Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg then set aside, according to all media accounts, roughly half a billion dollars, five hundred million dollars, to defeat Donald Trump and to put David Plouffe’s, block by block political war zone into effect.

Enter an organization commonly referred to as CTCL, Center for Tech and Civic Life. Center for Tech and Civic Life, headquartered in Chicago Illinois, since its inception and the beginning of its existence, had a yearly budget of around a million dollars. With the infusion of Zuckerberg cash, it suddenly had around three hundred million dollars. They then approached the five biggest democrat cities in the state, Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay. They said they were gonna offer money for — to keep people safe from COVID.

But somewhere along the way that changed. As soon as the cities took the initial payouts of ten thousand dollars each, except for the city of Racine, and their mayor Cory Mason who spearheaded this effort — spearheaded the effort to coordinate with the Zuckerberg agents. The City of Racine took a fifty thousand dollar cut. I don’t know technically what it was called — a finder’s fee, an initiation fee — but they got fifty thousand and the other cities got ten thousand each.

Somewhere along the way the plan from CTCL relative to those five cities changed from the stated purpose of keeping people safe from COVID, and this is not just my opinion, we looked at the record to see how much money was actually spent on COVID safety measures and we see it as — it pales in comparison with the amount of the get out the vote effort. Now get out the vote has historically been a partisan term of art. Get out the vote is short for get out the vote for a particular candidate for office.

The five cities then took the remainder of the roughly $8.8 million that Mark Zuckerberg was giving away and under CTCL’s contractual provisions were required to get out the vote. I think the citizens of this state have a right to know whether that was done on a partisan basis and/or for partisan purposes and what if any partisan effect it had in those cities.

These are reasonable questions in light of the road map that was set out for all to see in the David Plouffe book, A Citizen’s Guide to Beating Donald Trump. David Plouffe who then went to work for Mark Zuckerberg who then Mark Zuckerberg distributes $300 million for these efforts, 500 in total to defeat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden, but $300 million for these plans across the country to get out the vote in different cities including Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha, Green Bay and Milwaukee [Racine].

You know the last time I was here the only questions I received from Eric Genrich and Satya Rhodes-Conway’s advocates on this committee were in regard to the identities of the personnel who work with me. I must note that in keeping with my pledge to reach out to all members of this committee I called representative Spritzer even after he tweeted that in his opinion I am not worth the phone call. I asked him to sit down and meet with me to talk all of these issues over. He refused my offer which tells me everything I need to know about whose side he’s on and it isn’t the side of the average citizen. At least he was up front in contrast to representative Subeck who accepted my offer to visit but then simply absented not only herself from her office at the appointed hour but also her entire staff as well. I waited in the hallway for twenty minutes. Representative Emerson said that she’d think about my offer and I’m still waiting to hear back.

This is worth mentioning because the commonality of Eric Genrich, Satya Rhodes-Conway, Mark Spritzer, Lisa Subeck and Jody Emerson is that in November 2020 they all wanted Donald Trump to lose and Joe Biden to win. And they have no interest in exposing themselves or each others wrong doing to public accountability.

My office has continued to investigate cases of elder abuse throughout the state which resulted from WEC self-admitted illegal conduct of exposing our most vulnerable citizens, residents of nursing homes and continuing care facilities, to abuse and manipulation and for partisan gain. Understandably, this issue has generated much public interest and although once again the states largest and once respected, but now failing, newspaper has disparaged investigation efforts into this story. Neither I nor anyone in my office will be deterred from continuing to meet with victims of this insidious abuse, and we will hold those government officials responsible for this grotesque abuse accountable to the public they are supposed to serve.

— Wisconsin Election Special Counsel and Former WI Supreme Court Justice, Michael Gableman

Special Counsel Gableman then gave an accounting of his staff and expenditures. That was followed by an explosive series of partisan questions by the Democrat members of the committee who Mr. Gableman summarily eviscerated.

First democrat representative Jodi Emerson tried to cover for her refusal to meet with Mr. Gableman by claiming she only wanted to meet in public. Mr. Gableman mocked the fact that he offered to have a cup of coffee with her and didn’t expect that would be done renting a public hall so people could watch them drink coffee. Rep Emerson then claimed not to believe what was coming out of his investigation and he asked to be told what she didn’t believe at which point she yelled and complained about disrespect before becoming flustered and yielding. Next up was democrat representative Mark Sprietzer who asked if Mr. Gableman would be willing to interview the mayors in public rather than private at which time Mr. Gableman responded:

“You know Mr. Sprietzer, I’d be in a lot better position to answer that question had it been posed by any of the mayors, or any of the clerks of these five Zuckerberg cities, or any of their numerous attorneys working on their behalf. For you see, those are all conditions that are commonly worked out between the parties themselves. Not simply run and hide, turtle, tuck and stay silent. These are the kinds of conditions that the parties generally work out by themselves. Now you are asking whether that is my plan, and currently it is not.”

At that point Chairman Janel Brandtjen pointed out that they had offered mayor Genrich the full month of May to come in and talk to the committee and he never responded. Rep Sprietzer then asked if any of his staff members had any connections to the Trump campaign trying to gin up a political issue for the next election. Mr. Gableman then lit him up.

OK, there’s a lot there representative Sprietzer. Let me take it one at a time as I remember. My work and my employees will be judged by one thing and that is the finished work product. And right now what is preventing the finished work product is the fearful running and hiding of those government officials who do not want to be held accountable and who do not want to tell the public what they did with the Zuckerberg money and why they did it. You were kind enough a minute ago. I’m not worth a phone call but I guess I’m worth speeches disguised as questions. You shared with me your “concern” representative Sprietzer, that’s nice. I have a concern and that is after I have told you, after the non-partisan legislative audit bureau has told you, that many broad, deep, systematic illegalities have continuously been conducted by the bureaucracy that’s supposed to be in charge of overseeing the administration of our elections. I’ve told you that. The legislative audit bureau has told you that. News reports have. THEY have told you that. WEC THEMSELVES has told you that they have engaged in unlawful, illegal conduct. And now you’re concerned about some hypothetical purity. Guess what? Mr. Sprietzer, Pat Marley is, if he isn’t here, he’s listening. He and other liberal activists will soon be investigating every aspect, every detail of my employees lives, professional lives. He will be reporting no doubt above the fold, everything about this. You will soon have all the answers to all of your purported concerns, when the real concern here Mr. Sprietzer, representative Sprietzer, the real concern here is, and I would think as someone who represents a district, your real concern would be: was the 2020 election rigged by partisan efforts by government officials using public money to get out the vote for a particular candidate. That’s my concern.

In another exchange representative Sprietzer tried to claim that the legislative audit bureau had said the election was not perfect but was accurate enough when Mr. Gableman opened up and really unloaded on him.

“First of all, my argument is not that the election was not perfectly run, Mr. Sprietzer. I never said anything about perfect. I said, has it been rigged? And what do we mean by rigged? What I mean is, did government officials use corporate money, which was transformed into public money, in an effort to help one candidate to help get out the vote in favor of one candidate? I’m not arguing anything about perfect and you again you use the euphemism that the, you misrepresent what the LAB report, it didn’t say, Oh gee there was some things we could have done differently or better. It may have said that but the central thesis which you are doing everything in your ability to avoid is to say that WEC engaged in consistent and is still engaging to this day, representative Sprietzer, in illegal conduct. OK?”

Sprietzer had questioned the intentions of one of Gableman’s investigators. So Mr. Gableman detailed his actions.

“Now I’m gonna get to where you wound up in the last five seconds of your lengthy speech disguised as a question, which is about Ron Heuer. Ron I believe is the president of the Wisconsin Voters Alliance. They have been behind a lot of litigation that has been very successful. I note that it wasn’t you, representative Sprietzer, or any government official who went ahead to get open records — open records which citizens of this state are lawfully entitled to which concern these government officials, their direct communications with CTCL, the representatives who had all of the Zuckerberg money to come to town with and dish out. That is my knowledge of what Ron Heuer has been doing, looking into the communications and the open records and the emails concerning the transactions of CTCL coming to these five cities with all sorts of Zuckerberg money with all sorts of strings attached. That’s my knowledge of Mr. Heuer, who is by the way, a fine and honorable man.”

After Mr. Sprietzer then disparaged Mr. Gableman, Mr. Gableman let him have it.

“Madame chair, I now ask that his comments be stricken from the record. This is beyond the pale and I will pack up my books and go if this is how it’s gonna be. I will not be subject to Mr. Sprietzer’s lies and his, frankly, baseless accusations. That’s not how this should go. You know better.”

The Time to #DECERTIFY 2020 is Here and it Starts in Wisconsin

One state rep, Tim Ramthun, has already put forth a bill to #DECERTIFY the election in Wisconsin. He only needs one WI State Senator to join him to put it to a full vote in both chambers.

It’s time to put on the pressure Patriots, peacefully of course!

Once the first state decertifies, others will follow. The decertification of the Arizona election is currently being held up by just one RINO state senator. If three states decertify then Biden will OFFICIALLY be illegitimate and nothing else his regime proposes will be passed. It will effectively shut down this rouge regime. REAL election reform would also sweep the country.

What happens beyond that is up in the air because we are in uncharted waters…

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“They are actually empowered now to dig into this election, crack open everything that happened in Wisconsin… [This office is now looking into] the exploitation of elders. That’s count one. Count two: They are going after the use of outside third party private influence in Wisconsin elections for state and federal office. Look, Mark Zuckerberg should not be able to spend $400 million and swing elections… Count three: They are digging into ballot harvesting.”

— Bannon’s War Room

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