WI Rep Tim Ramthun’s Assembly Joint Resolution to Decertify 2020 WI Election if Passed by Majority in Assembly and Senate Recalls WI Electors Directly Without Governor Needed

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Wisconsin, 12/20/21 — In the above video Wisconsin Assembly Representative Tim Ramthun joins Brannon Howse on the Lindell Report. Jump ahead to the 16:41 mark if you want to skip right to the Ramthum interview. They discussed the latest blockbuster election fraud evidence from the most recent WI Election Fraud hearing from last week. Rep. Ramthun explains that the state legislatures have plenary authority, explicitly granted in the Constitution, regarding how their electors are cast. If they determine they were fraudulently certified and cast, it is fully within their power alone to determine how that will be handled, such as passing a resolution to decertify and recall their 10 electors.

This comes on the heels of the recent WI election fraud hearing revealing Zuckerberg funded CTCL voter database portal, the explosive Gableman election fraud hearing from the week before and on top of the felony election fraud charges filed against the Wisconsin Election Commission by the Racine County Sheriff. The race between WI and AZ to see which state will decertify their likely fraudulently certified 2020 election first kicks into high gear.

Tim Ramthun, Janel Brandtjen and Others Dispatch with Leftist’s Attempts to Attack and Defend Against Election Integrity Investigations

WI State Representative Tim Ramthun joined WI Campaigns and Elections Chairman Janel Brandtjen and others to address recent leftist efforts to attack and defend against election integrity investigations. Apparently, after Zuckerberg funded CTCL was caught interfering in the 2020 election, now the also Zuckerberg funded EOLDN rides to the rescue to attack those investigating and defend what CTCL and the criminally referred Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) had done in the 2020 election.

“It appears the press conference panel’s answer for those who question the integrity of an election influenced by Zuckerberg money, is to bring in more Zuckerberg money from CEIR and EOLDN to protect those who took Zuckerberg money from the CTCL.”

Download the State Representatives: Appeal to Authority Fallacy PFD


WI State Representative Tim Ramthun Proposes Assembly Joint Resolution to Decertify 2020 WI Election

Download Tim Ramthun’s Assembly Joint Resolution to Decertify 2020 WI Election


Download Tim Ramthun’s Decertify Press Release PDF


Contact Your WI State Legislators to Support Decertification of the 2020 Election and Election Integrity Measures Going Forward

It is time to put on the pressure Patriots, peacefully of course! Contact your WI state legislators and urge them to support Rep. Ramthun’s resolution for decertification of the 2020 WI Election and to institute strong election integrity measures going forward.

Once the first state decertifies the apparently fraudulent election and blazes the path forward, others will follow suit. The decertification of the Arizona election is currently being held up by just one RINO state senator. If three states decertify, then Biden will OFFICIALLY be illegitimate, as he will have failed to get 270 legally certified electoral votes, and nothing else his regime proposes will have the support to pass. It will effectively shut down this rouge regime. REAL election reform would also sweep the country to secure our Republic going forward.

What happens beyond Decertification is uncertain because we are in uncharted waters with a likely illegitimate executive administration…

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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