WI Special Counsel Informs WEC to Preserve Evidence Including Routers and Access Logs for Full Forensic Audit

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WISCONSIN – In the above video Mike Lindell breaks some good news about the WI forensic audit with Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room Ep 1,251. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are now racing to see which will be the second state to start a full forensic audit while awaiting the preliminary report from the Maricopa County, AZ forensic audit.

As Mike explains, Dominion has been reportedly going into the states and installing what they call a ”trusted build” update to the election machines. These updates, contrary to previous updates, first completely wipes the hard drives on the machines before installing the software update. This wipes out all 2020 election data including access logs and databases as seen in Colorado where Mike Lindell has obtained full forensic images of a Dominion machine before and after the ”trusted build” update. Such election documentation is required to be preserved for 22 months after an election.

“In Wisconsin, just yesterday, Robin Vos, the assembly speaker and former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman, that’s in charge of this election integrity in Wisconsin, they sent a letter to WEC the Wisconsin Elections Commission.”

“Listen to this, telling the commissioners to tell the county clerks to preserve any and all records and evidence related to the election, the 2020 November 3rd election, including — EVERYBODY LISTEN — including the routers and computer access logs.”

– Mike Lindell on Bannon’s War Room

Now the special counsel responsible for the forensic audit in Wisconsin, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman, has informed Wisconsin’s WEC (Wisconsin Electionn Commission) to instruct their county clerks to preserve and prevent the destruction of all evidence from the 2020 election. This order includes information on any voting machine including router information and/or access logs.

Wisconsin Office of Special Counsel tells state election commission to prevent evidence destruction

by Sophie Mann, Just the News

Special Counsel and former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman is attempting to prevent the potential destruction of evidence pertaining to the 2020 presidential election in the state.

Gableman reminded the Wisconsin Election Commission via letter of its duty to prevent the tampering and destruction of evidence.

I hereby request that you and your office preserve any and all records and evidence […] including but not limited to information retained on any and all voting machine,” including “metadata, router information, and/or access logs,” he wrote.

The Wisconsin attorney took it upon himself to send the letter as concerns mount that updates to election machines could corrupt or destroy critical evidence and information relating to the ways in which the 2020 election was conducted in the state. Gableman notes that such tampering would interfere with the Office of Special Counsel’s investigation. 

Please forward to this office any information relating to any and all intentional or unintentional destruction of records between the November 3, 2020 election and the date of this notice, including otherwise routine software updates to election systems that might have in the past or will in the future corrupt or erase and/or otherwise compromise relevant records, or which might obstruct examination and investigation,” he wrote. 

Sophie Mann, Read the full article on Just the News

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