Windham NH Audit EXPANDS Machines Counted Folds as Votes with up to 72% ERROR RATE, Trump SLAMS Crime of the Century!

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NEW HAMPSHIRE – The Windham NH audit has now shown that some voting machines are counting folds as votes, leading up to a 72% error rate. While this is not the only problem they are finding, it’s sufficient to totally invalidate the use of these voting machines as completely unreliable. In the above impromptu video Harri Hursti and Phillip Stark discuss the “Fold Effect.”

Windham Auditors: Ballot Folds Are Not The Only Problem, Up to 72% Error Rate

One potential theory suggested the machines might reject specific ballots (for example, ballots that voted straight Republican down the line for all four candidates) and count the entire ballot as an overvote. This scenario might occur if, after voting for the four Republican candidates, the machine then reads the ballot fold (which appears next on the ballot and occurs right at St. Laurent’s name) as a vote for a fifth—and extra—candidate. In the case of an overvote, all votes on the ballot are canceled and reported as blanks.

Indeed, upon completing their experiment, the auditors explained that they discovered Windham’s machines were reading the fold as they speculated, with, according to Phillip Stark, an astonishing error rate ranging from 25% up to 72%.

– By Michelle Edwards, Undercover DC

In the above podcast Jovan Pulitzer discusses the developments in the NH audit. Though he appears to have misread the error rate. In the test, only 28% of the ballots were counted correctly, meaning 72% were in error.

BREAKING HUGE: Windham Audit Team Will Look at New Hampshire US Senate Race This Week — After Finding Local GOP Candidates Consistently Shorted Votes

Next, the Windham audit team is going to review a statewide Federal race (US Senate) and a statewide non-Federal race (Governor) as well, as both of these races are scheduled to be hand-counted this week as part of the audit.

Regardless of what those two additional hand counts show this week, the city believes it already has ample evidence that the voting machines are NOT reliable, and it is time for NH to say goodbye to machine-generated counting.

Gateway Pundit

President Trump Brands Crime of the Century and Slams MIA Mitch McConnell & Republicans

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump

New Hampshire’s Election Audit has revealed that large-scale voting machines appear to count NON-EXISTING VOTES. State and local communities are seeking confirmation. It’s probably true, but we’ll soon know. Why aren’t Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans doing anything about what went on in the 2020 Election? How can the Democrats be allowed to get away with this? It will go down as the Crime of the Century! Other States like Arizona, Georgia (where a Judge just granted a motion to unseal and inspect ballots from the 2020 Election), Michigan, Pennsylvania, and more to follow.

– President Trump, 8:30pm May 24, 2021

President Trump is Right. This Election Will Go Down as the Steal of the Century!

TIME Steal of the Century
Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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