NEW EVIDENCE TO DECERTIFY WI — Wisconsin Assembly Election Committee Hears NEW Evidence of Alleged Election Fraud Including 1.5 Million Illegal Voter Registrations, Up to 165,000 Illegally Cast Ballots, Up to 150,000 Fake Voters, Over 50,000 Phantom Votes and MUCH More

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Wisconsin, 2/11/22 — The above video shows selected highlights from Peter Bernegger’s expert testimony to the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections most recent hearing on 2/9/22. These are just some highlights from the new evidence.

  • Well over 50,000 fraudulent votes from phantom voters up to 2x the margin of “victory”
  • 1.5 million illegal voter registrations
  • 155,000 suspected fake voters
  • 46,000 votes cast from unverified voter registrations up to 2x the margin of “victory”
  • 700 person apartment complex has 1,631 registered “voters.”
  • 113 ballots were cast from address where no one lives
  • 3,713 “voters” registered to U.S. post offices
  • Estimated 165,000 illegally cast ballots in WI up to 8x the margin of ”victory”
  • And MUCH more…

These findings are in addition to the findings of the previous Wisconsin Assembly election fraud hearing from last month, where the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections passed a motion to support the WI Special Counsel, former WI Supreme Court Judge, Michael Gableman.

Liz Harrington Gives Blow by Blow Highlights of NEW Election Fraud Evidence from the Election Integrity Hearing


Well over 50,000 fraudulent votes cast from phantom voters identified in Wisconsin

More than twice the margin on Nov. 3

1.5 million illegal voter registrations
155,000 suspected fake voters

“Well over — well over — 50,000 illegally cast ballots that we can prove” from Nov. 3, 2020

46,000 votes from 11/3 in WI cast from voter registrations that were unverified by the state DOT

Twice the margin

“That calls for a full investigation”

One apartment complex in Madison that houses less than 700 has 1,631 registered “voters.”

The building had a 102% turnout rate on 11/3

113 ballots were cast from address where no one lives

3,713 “voters” registered to U.S. post offices

5.6% illegally cast ballots from voters who moved and phantom votes

Extrapolates to 4,795 in one county

“Even if we’re off by 50%, which I know we’re not, I go over these numbers everyday for the last 14 months…[that’s] 165,000 illegally cast ballots in WI”

“How they’re doing it, this is one way.”

Hudson, WI experienced 10% population growth between 2012 and 2020 but a 128% increase in registered “voters”

“We have been finding this all over…inflated voter registrations”

Double votes!

Countless examples of same exact voter registration, with different voter ID numbers

Illegally cast ballot from a “person who doesn’t exist”

“We have found thousands of these.”

625,000 dead people on Wisconsin’s voter rolls

Instances of one voter assigned 28 different voter ID numbers

“Voters” registered with no first names

2 bedroom apartment has 26 registered “voters”

16 unit building with 290 registered “voters”

Single family home with 19 registered “voters”

“We’ve found tens of thousands of these.”

“Here’s an address that hasn’t existed for 10 years.”

359 “voters” are still registered there

Wisconsin has 4 million adults but 7.1 million voter registrations

Full Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections – 2/9/22

The above video is the full Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections hearing on 2/9/22.

President Trump Weighs in on New Evidence in Wisconsin

Save America President Donald J. Trump

— February 11th, 2022 —

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Even more Voter Fraud was just discovered in Wisconsin. It shows the Election was Rigged and Stolen. A hearing this week revealed at least 50,000 illegal phantom votes were cast in the 2020 Presidential Election, which is more than twice the “victory” margin. Incredible problems were also uncovered within Wisconsin’s voter rolls, including an apartment building with 102 percent turnout rate (not possible), 113 ballots cast from an address where no one lives, 3,713 “voters” registered to U.S. Post Offices, and 625,000 dead people on Wisconsin’s voter rolls. In addition, 46,000 votes were cast on Nov. 3rd based on voter information that was never verified by the state. This is on top of massive ballot harvesting, rigged “indefinitely confined” votes, the Wisconsin Election Commission instructing election officials to break the law, Zuckerberg drop boxes, etc. So who in Wisconsin is leading the charge to decertify this fraudulent Election? It’s time for RINOs to step forward and save our Country!

— President Donald J. Trump

How YOU Can Help: Contact Members of the WI State Rules Committee to Pass Tim Ramthun’s Resolution to Reclaim WI Electors

It is time to put on the pressure Patriots, peacefully of course! Contact the WI Assembly Committee on Rules members as well as the other WI state legislators and urge them to support Tim Ramthun’s Resolution to Reclaim the 2020 WI Electors. Also urge them to institute stronger election integrity measures going forward to prevent any future stolen elections.

Assembly Committee on Rules Members

Once the first state decertifies the apparently fraudulent election and blazes the path forward, others will surely follow suit. If three states decertify, then Biden will OFFICIALLY be illegitimate, as he will have failed to get 270 legally certified electoral votes. Such an illegitimate regime will lack political capitol and it is likely that nothing else his regime proposes will have the support to pass. It would effectively shut down this rouge regime. REAL election reform would also sweep the country to secure our Republic going forward.

What happens beyond Decertification is uncertain, because we are in uncharted waters with a likely illegitimate executive administration…

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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