WOW After We Joked Biden May Read Answers off Teleprompter, Now it Looks Like He Does Just That! LOL!

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Somewhere in Biden’s Basement — Well it looks like Hidin’ Biden’s handlers may read PatriotBites! We apparently inadvertently gave them some good ideas. Just last week we joked in a satire piece (WATCH Joe Biden Channels Ron Burgundy Reading Teleprompter Cues as Part of Speech – [end of headline]) about how Biden accidentally reads the prompts off his teleprompter along with his speeches. We satirically wrote that maybe the questions and answers were also loaded in his teleprompter and he might just read those too! Well looky here! It now looks like Hidin’ Biden’s life continues to imitate art and he very well may be reading his answers off his teleprompter just as we had joked!

Move it up here… …

You know…

There used to be a basic bartin (?) in this country…

Workers shared in the wealth… their work help create.

Hidin’ Biden waiting for and then reading answers off his teleprompter.

President Trump Was Quite Amused

President Trump noticed it too. LOL!

Joe Biden orders his staff to move up his teleprompter and lets out a very labored sigh while waiting for the prompter to scroll.

Is he ok? Why can’t he answer a question without a teleprompter?

President Trump on his YouTube post with this video.

Biden’s Campaign Spokesman then Effectively Confirmed it by Refusing to Answer the Simple Question if Biden Used a Teleprompter for Supporter Q & As.

This post apparently hit a nerve because it showed that Biden uses a teleprompter for simple question and answer sessions. So facebook limited our facebook distribution as we outlined in our follow up post [WATCH Campaign Spokesman Refuses to Answer if Biden Uses Teleprompter to Answer Questions! Why?] where we show Biden’s campaign spokesperson refusing to answer the simple question if he uses a teleprompter for simple Q & A sessions with supporters. His refusal to answer and subsequent childish meltdown says it all.

Donald Trump Jr. was Quite Amused

And What’s the Thing About the Ice Cream?

In that same satire piece we further joked that after his speeches, when they quickly usher Biden out, that maybe the teleprompter tells him that they have ice cream for him in the back. And the teleprompter reminds him that he likes ice cream. And then he says to himself out loud that he does like ice cream. Well we apparently gave the campaign an idea for some very deep campaign material. LOL!

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