UPDATE: WOW WATCH What Matt DePerno Found in Michigan – Cold Hard Evidence of FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD Calls for Full Forensic Audit!

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In the above video Christina Bobb discusses the findings of the Antrim County forensic examination of voting machines in an OAN special report.

MICHIGAN 5/10/21 – WOW – As if the previous election fraud evidence that Matt Deperno exposed was not enough, NOW he’s uncovered what he describes as evidence of intentional fraud that subverted the election. He is now pushing for a full forensic audit in Michigan just as is happening in Arizona. In the above video Matt DePerno discusses his latest earth shattering alleged election fraud evidence with Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room Ep. 934.

“Basically what happened in Antrim County is the votes shifted from Jorgensen to Trump to Biden, and Biden’s votes disappeared. We later found them in a category called undervote. We did testing on that, and concluded some testing on the weekend, to show that if that actually happened then the machine would shut down based on critical errors and the election would shut down.

But it didn’t happen and we figured out that it didn’t happen because, in the background they subverted the critical errors, intentionally, and allowed the election to continue. That means fraud in the coding process, fraud in the election reporting process, fraud in the results reporting process and fraud by the Secretary of State in Michigan, when she declared that this was the safest election in the history of the country and that this was human error.

“Behind the scenes, they actually subverted the election, changed the way that errors are reported, allowed the election to continue, and that’s fraud.

“We’ve now come out today with actual evidence to show what actually happened. We’ve discovered the actual fraud. It is subversion and that’s a BIG deal.

– Matt DePerno, Bannon’s War Room, 5/10/21

Matt DePerno Argues the Case in Court

In the above video by One America News, Matt DePerno argues the case in court.

“we have massive evidence of fraud that occurs in the county through these tabulator devices, the Dominion voting system, and fraud that occurs by the Secretary of State herself and the county clerk in terms of their failure to properly investigate or to certify what is clearly a fraudulent election. And this is fraud from the top of the ballot all the way down to the proposals 20-1 and 20-2.”

– Matt DePerno

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump

The major Michigan Election Fraud case has just filed a bombshell pleading claiming votes were intentionally switched from President Trump to Joe Biden. The number of votes is MASSIVE and determinative. This will prove true in numerous other States. All Republicans must UNIFY and not let this happen. If a thief robs a jewelry store of all of its diamonds (the 2020 Presidential Election), the diamonds must be returned. The Fake News media refuses to cover the greatest Election Fraud in the history of our Country. They have lost all credibility, but ultimately, they will have no choice!

– President Trump – May, 10th 2021

New Legal Filings in the Antrim County Election Fraud Case

The full library of legal filings in the case may be found on DePernoLaw.com including the latest filings for May.

“This discovery of subversion demonstrates that the Defendants and Election Source understand the boundaries of each race category. If they did not, the critical errors would have shut down the election. Instead, the critical errors were dealt with internally and discarded, allowing the election to continue. The subversion is, by its very definition FRAUD; fraud in the coding, fraud in the election process, and fraud in the election results reporting. The election errors were readily known and publicized on November 4, 2020. Defendant Benson holds the source code in trust and must have (or should have) tested the errors against the source code in order to understand the error handling routines. Instead of advising the county, state and country that subversion occurred in the ballot mapping routines and election coding and processing, both her and Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy fraudulently stated that this was the result of “human error” and was “the safest election in the country’s history.” These statements demonstrate fraud in the investigation and reporting process.

– Matthew S. DePerno, Supplemental Brief 051021

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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