Yes, President Trump WON, the Case, Evidence & Statistical Receipts – Peter Navarro’s Final Third Report

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WASHINGTON DC 1/15/21 – Peter Navarro concludes his masterful series of well researched reports examining the stolen 2020 election with his third and final election fraud report, Yes, President Trump Won. This report builds upon the significant evidence and analysis from his first two reports. His first report, The Immaculate Deception, outlined and summarized much of the widespread election fraud spread across six battleground states. His second report, The Art of the Steal, exposes the large scale, coordinated effort that the left used to attack the integrity of our elections. They spent years working to expand mail-in voting while simultaneously reducing voting security in order to flood the election with fraudulent mail-in votes in their attempt to steal the 2020 presidential election. His final report ties it all together and demonstrates how President Trump WON the election in what would have been a landslide without all the alleged fraud.

The massive amount of alleged fraud was 10x VP Biden’s supposed margin of “victory.” If Biden is seated as the next President on January 20th, he will be a #FakePresident.

Download Peter Navarro’s Election Fraud Report Part 3, Yes, President Trump Won


There is a Mountain of Overwhelming Evidence that the 2020 Election was Stolen

Due to the irregularity of this current 2020 Presidential Election, this is a crowdsourcing tool for organizing anomalies and legal issues. Our desire is that more of the election process would be made transparent so there would be unquestionable confidence in our voting systems.

This is for aggregating publicly available items of evidence that would be admissible in court, not general election news stories or updates.

Evidence of Fraud – 2020 Election – Sidney Powell – Taken Down – But ARCHIVE AVAILABLE!

One thing that is particularly disturbing is that the evidence is now being systematically scrubbed off the Internet. One such large collection of evidence has recently been deleted. had compiled a wealth of such evidence that has now been “memory holed.” If the election was legitimate, then why hunt down and delete evidence of alleged voter/election fraud?

Lucky for those seeking the truth however, The Internet Archive has archived the site and most of their evidence. Check out the archive: ARCHIVE.

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