You Know You’re in for a Good Laugh when AOC Starts with “I’ve Been Thinking!”

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Somewhere in Fantasyland – When AOC starts with “I’ve been thinking!” we know we had better listen up if we don’t want to miss a good laugh. After all, this is the genius who was terrified by a garbage disposal (below). LOL!

When President Trump thinks about fixing the Post Office, he thinks about ways the Post Office could be modernized and updated so that it could better serve the nation and stop wasting and losing billions. When a radical leftist like AOC thinks about “fixing” the Post Office, she thinks about how the people of this nation can waste their own money and their own time time on some useless extra busywork to “help” keep the Post Office busy. The leftists think we exist to support the government, not the other way around. It would be funny if it wasn’t more terrifying than a garbage disposal that these people are currently leading in the polls. Sleepy Joe Biden has put AOC in charge of his “Climate Change” Task Force. BTW: Wouldn’t pushing people to send needless postcards and letters by snail mail needlessly waste a lot of extra trees and needlessly burn a lot of extra fossil fuels, miss climate genius? LOL!


AOC’s Terrifying Encounter with a Garbage Disposal

While there are parody versions of this going around, because it’s just too funny not to, and it may be hard to believe, but she really did post this to her Instagram story and it was archived. Snopes even reported it as TRUE that AOC was indeed scared of her garbage disposal. So whenever we hear that she’s “thinking” about something, it’s usually well worth a listen, for a good laugh. LOL!

Here’s a hilarious parody that uses her garbage disposal video and then plays off it with a look-a-like encountering various other “terrifying” household objects. LOL!

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