You Might be a Climate Denier if Your Global Warming Mandated Windmills FREEZE SOLID IN TEXAS

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TEXAS 2/20/21 — “Green Energy” mandates plunge Texas into dark winter when wind turbines freeze dropping up to 90% of wind energy output causing widespread blackouts. “Green Energy” crazy California is quite used to rolling blackouts, but oil rich Texas is just getting acquainted with such blackouts. Enacting more unreliable “Green Energy” mandates and reducing their use of more reliable and locally abundant fossil fuels will undoubtedly lead to more blackouts as the Green New Deal plunges the US into #FakePresident Biden’s #DarkWinter. There’s nothing wrong with using green energy sources to supplement more reliable sources as the technology improves. But forcing “green energy” mandates, due to political agendas, puts the entire energy grid at risk in extreme situations. What makes these blackouts most ironic is the fact that the “green energy” wind turbines that they mandated to stop global warming, froze solid as Texas was plunged into subzero temperatures. Hardly global warming.

You might be a climate denier if your global warming mandated windmills freeze solid in Texas, causing blackouts and people to freeze to death.

– PatriotBites
You might be a climate denier if your global warming mandated windmills freeze solid in Texas - Biden's Dark Winter

Half of Texas Wind Turbines Freeze, Hurting Electricity Output

Nearly half of Texas’ installed wind power generation capacity has been offline because of frozen wind turbines in West Texas, according to Texas grid operators.

Wind farms across the state generate up to a combined 25,100 megawatts of energy. But unusually moist winter conditions in West Texas brought on by the weekend’s freezing rain and historically low temperatures have iced many of those wind turbines to a halt.

As of Sunday morning, those iced turbines comprise 12,000 megawatts of Texas’ installed wind generation capacity, although those West Texas turbines don’t typically spin to their full generation capacity this time of year.

Austin American-Statesman via Breitbart

Winter Storm Causes Frozen Turbines, Massive Blackouts In Texas 

“We are experiencing record-breaking electric demand due to the extreme cold temperatures that have gripped Texas. At the same time, we are dealing with higher-than-normal generation outages due to frozen wind turbines and limited natural gas supplies available to generating units. We are asking Texans to take some simple, safe steps to lower their energy use during this time.”

ERCOT President and CEO Bill Magness via Daily Caller

Texas Deaths May Be Due In Part to Biden’s Garbage Climate Change Executive Order and Related Actions

After Texas Gov Abbott declared a state of emergency back on Feb 12 [the] Biden administration ordered ERCOT to throttle energy output by forcing it to comply with environmental green energy standards, knowing full well Texans could freeze to death in their homes with zero electricity as temperatures plunged into the single digits.

Going into effect Sunday, Feb. 14, Emergency Order 202-21-1 shows the Energy Dept. was aware of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s statewide disaster declaration and that ERCOT was readying gas utilities in preparation for a demand surge.

Gateway Pundit

Cascend: Data Shows Wind-Power Was Chief Culprit Of Texas Grid Collapse

Wind failed as “Ice storms knocked out nearly half the wind-power generating capacity of Texas on Sunday as a massive deep freeze across the state locked up wind turbine generators, creating an electricity generation crisis.”


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2 Responses

  • ERCOT announced that almost twice as much power from gas, coal, and nuclear sources was offline as from wind and other renewables ( ). Therefore, wind-turbine failure was not the main cause of Texas’s power collapse.

    But even if it was, that would prove nothing about wind power as such. Some northerly US states with harsh winters have lots of wind turbines: for example, in 2019, wind provided about 24% of Maine’s in-state net generation ( ). Sweden, a country bisected by the Arctic Circle, is now getting about 20% of its electricity from wind turbines ( ) — twice as much as Texas.

    This would be impossible if wind turbines were inherently unable to handle freezing weather. But they aren’t. They just have to be winterized — as natural gas plants, nuclear plants, etc. also need to be winterized to keep fuels and coolants flowing in cold weather.

    After the freeze of 2011, winterization of Texas generators was called for ( ). But Texas power suppliers did not winterize their generators — wind turbines or anything else — because in Texas’s radically de-regulated electricity market , they were under no legal obligation to do so, and judged it more profitable to gamble on good weather. Bad call.

    Wind turbines — which can and should be winterized wherever freezing weather is possible — were responsible for only about a third of Texas’s recent power losses. The real culprit across all generating technologies was unregulated profiteering.


    Larry Gilman, PhD (electrical engineering)

    • Hi Larry, I think you missed the point of the post. The wind turbines were mandated to fight global warming, and they FROZE IN TEXAS. LOL! As I stated in the post, I’m not opposed to wind power at all as a supplement to more reliable power generation methods. What I am opposed to is politically mandated “green” energy at the expense of more reliable energy methods. And according to this chart from CASEND, it was indeed Wind that had the greatest failure during the week.

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