DOMINION DEKALB DEBACLE — VoterGA Garland Favorito Reveals Evidence Dominion Counts Demoted One 1st Place Candidate to 3rd Place and Possibly Gave Raffensperger a 15% Vote Boost

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GEORGIA 6/9/22 – In the above video Garland Favorito of VoterGA gives a press conference revealing evidence of likely election fraud continuing in Georgia’s elections. The livestream of the press conference went down, coincidently just before Garland dropped the bombshell about Raffensperger possibly getting a 15% boost from Dominion counting, so they had to publish the full recording after the conference was completed.

This is all in addition to previously revealing massive electronic vote manipulation in the 2020 Georgia election and an additional 100K+ suspect ballots in Georgia making the 2020 election un-certifiable. The Devil Dances in GA.

Garland Favorito Began by Recapping the Unresolved 2020 Election Problems that Apparently Continue to Plague GA Elections Going Forward

In the 2020 election there are still hundreds of thousands of suspect votes, without any explanation in a race determined by only 11K votes. Without resolving these issues ALL future GA elections are suspect.

Georgia’s Dominion Election Machines Were Ruled Illegal Before the 2020 Election and Have Not Been Changed

Before the 2020 election US district court judge, Amy Totenberg, ruled that the Dominion voting machines followed none of the requirements mandated by law. Due to the closeness of the impending 2020 election however, nothing was done. Nothing has apparently been done since either, other than appealing the ruling and continuing to use the same suspect machines.

Fulton County School Board Election Highly Suspect Early Vote Count Report

In the Fulton County school board election early count results showed a candidate on the ballot with 0 votes while a candidate that was not on the ballot showed 3,317 votes. The candidate on the ballot who apparently had zero votes while the candidate who was not on the ballot received thousands of votes is Phil Chen. Mr. Chen has filed an election challenge contest since the votes in doubt well exceed the margin of “victory,” by 30x.

DeKalb County Dominion Election Machine Vote Count Highly Suspect

Candidate Michelle Long Speers apparently came in third and got zero votes in the precinct where she and her husband live. She reported this to the DeKalb county election division. They attempted a Dominion machine recount which failed. They then performed a hand recount and the hand counted votes showed no relation to the machine counted votes, whatsoever. Rather than finishing third, the hand recount proved that she actually finished FIRST. The Dominion machine election day count was 400% off.

The election officials attempted to explain this problem as a ballot alignment issue. However, a ballot alignment issue can not explain the resulting totals.

Next Garland explained how Cobb County audited one of their elections but refused to audit the Secretary of State’s race. So VoterGA’s monitors monitored the votes they could during the audit.

They found that Brad Raffensperger got about 52% of the vote, but the Dominion results gave Raffensperger 68% of the vote…

So, VoterGA is asking for Raffensperger not to certify his own election, citing obvious conflict of interest, until a hand count audit can be performed to settle the issue.

VoterGA Press Release: New Hand Count Evidence Shows Georgia Voting System May Have Added 15% to Raffensperger Totals

VoterGA Press Release, 6/9/22


Garland Favorito Discusses the Dekalb County Debacle on The Lindell Report

Garland Favorito joined Mike Lindell and Brannon Howse to discuss the latest Dominion election issues in Dekalb County GA on The Lindell Report, 6/8/22 & The Lindell Report, 6/3/22.

VoterGA Announces Legal Action after finding 102 GA Counties Cannot Provide Drop Box Videos

5/23/22 — VoterGA announced today that it has delivered a demand letter to the State Election Board seeking the board to change its drop box video and ballot image retention rules to conform to state and federal law, to seek preservation of all 2020 ballots until pending litigation is resolved and to seek a court order to unseal Fulton Co ballots due ot evidence of tampering and destruction of election records.

IO Episode 124 – Garland Favorito Of VoterGA – They Admit Machines Can Be Hacked

Information Operation Host L Todd Wood interviews Garland Favorito of on CISA finally admitting that the voting machines can indeed be hacked, apparently in many different ways.

Garland Favorito Discusses “Wizard of Oz Voting” on Real America’s Voice

Garland Favorito joins Jeff Crouere on Real America’s Voice and explains how they found that the ballot images in Fulton County, GA were digitally altered before certification.

David Cross and Garland Favorito Address GA Election Board

David Cross and Garland Favorito address the Georgia Election Board about the 2020 election on May 17th, 2022

OANN Reports: VoterGA Reveals More than 100 Counties Missing Drop Box Surveillance Video and Finds Huge Amount of Digitally Tampered Ballot Images From 2020 Election

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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