Loudoun County VA Ground Zero in Parents’ Fight Against Leftist School Boards Pushing Radical LGBT/CRT Indoctrination & COVID Tyranny

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LOUDOUN COUNTY VA — Loudoun County Virginia has become ground zero in the parents’ fight against leftist school boards pushing radical LGBT agendas, CRT indoctrination and COVID medical tyranny. In the above video Terry Schilling of the American Principals Project joins Steve Bannon with a powerful new ad that exposes an alleged bathroom LGBT rape scandal and coverup on Bannon’s War Room Ep. 1366. Tiffany Polifko, the VP of Education and Outreach from Parents Against Critical Theory also joins the War Room.

The Loudoun County school board reportedly tried to cover up the alleged brutal rape of a 15 year old girl by a dress wearing LGBT male in the girls bathroom. The alleged rapist was transferred to another school where he allegedly raped another 14 year old girl.

When the father of the first girl expressed his outrage at a Loundoun County school board meeting, THE FATHER was brutally arrested. The girl’s father, Scott Smith, discussed the episode in the following video from Laura Ingraham.

[UPDATE] The next video shows Loundoun County students stage a walk-out and chant “Loundoun County Protects Rapists.”

Robert Gruler Esq. did a deep dive into the entire issue in the following video.

In the next video Terry McAuliffe, VA candidate for governor, addressed the issue of parents pushing back on radical leftist school boards indoctrinating students by saying the following:

“I’m not gonna let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decision. I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

– Terry McAuliffe

Terry McAullife, as most leftists, just doesn’t seem to think that children belong to their parents, not to the government. Of course the parents should decide what their children are taught, not radical leftists.

Biden’s AG Merrick Garland Weaponized the DOJ & FBI Against Parents Pushing Back Against Such Radical Leftist School Boards After the NSBA Branded the Parents “Domestic Terrorists”

GOP Senators lit up Biden’s feckless AG Merrick Garland for weaponizing the DOJ & FBI against concerned parents at local school board meetings. Garland was reduced to a whimpering mess as Senator Tom Cotton and others tore into him.

“Thank God You’re Not on the Supreme Court. You Should Resign in Disgrace Judge!”

– Senator Tom Cotton

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