Rand Paul – NO Chief Justice, NO President, #FakeImpeachment

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Chief Justice of Supreme Court Presides Over Impeachment Trials. That's not the chief justice. Impeachment is to remove a president. Donald Trump is not the president. #FakeImpeachment

According to the US Constitution, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must preside over impeachment trials. Senator Patrick Leahy is presiding over this Senate trial. Senator Patrick Leahy is a witness, a juror and also sitting as the judge of this trial. He is certainly not the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. According to the US Constitution impeachment is to remove the President. Donald Trump is not the President. This is illegitimate impeachment trial. This is a #FakeImpeachment, which is apparently appropriate because we also have an illegitimate administration and a #FakePresident.

The reason for this fake impeachment is the same reason for the previous two witch hunts, to distract from and cover up the left’s real crimes. #RussiaGate, #UkraineGate, #ElectionGate. This fake impeachment is intended to distract from and cover up the stolen election. You’d think the stupid republicans would have figured it out by now.

Rand Paul: Trump Senate impeachment trial an ‘illegitimate procedure’ without John Roberts

“It isn’t a real impeachment. It’s going to be a fake, partisan impeachment.”

“The story is, that the chief justice is not going to be asked, but the reason he’s not going to be asked is he’s privately said he’s not supposed to come unless it’s an impeachment of the president.”

“So, this is an illegitimate procedure, and even the chief justice of the Supreme Court, who’s not a rabid Trump person, who’s actually, if anything, sort of in the middle, he is now saying this is illegitimate because I’m not getting in the middle of this and I’m not coming over for this.”

Senator Rand Paul via Washington Examiner

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