THE MOMENT OF TRUTH SUMMIT — Mike Lindell Hosts 48 Hr. Marathon Summit with Election Fraud Experts and Representatives Presenting Election Fraud Evidence and Status of all 50 States Also World Premiere Screening of [S]election Code Movie

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UPDATE 8/24/22 — BACK ONLINE! After Lindell’s team got FrankSpeech back online, it appears that The Internet Archive has populated crawls from over the weekend that were not appearing yesterday. Now the Internet Archive links for both and show crawls from over the weekend during the Moment of Truth Summit that did not appear yesterday when tested.

Now crawls from over the weekend have appeared.

UPDATE: 8/23/22 — The Deep State Took Down Mike Lindell’s to Hide All the Election Fraud Evidence & PCAPS Gag Order Revealed at the Moment of Truth Summit. If anyone doubted the massive election fraud evidence from ALL 50 STATES or the PCAPS that have been under a gag order for over a year, the simple fact that the Deep State is so freaked out about it that they would go to the extraordinary lengths to block and suppress everything, virtually proves the evidence’s validity.

Attempting to archive the MomentOfTruthSummit site after 8/19/22 failed…

It looks like they even had The Internet Archive stop crawling the site on 8/19/22, coincidently the day BEFORE the explosive Moment of Truth. So, once the site came back up, I submitted a crawl request today to archive the content for both and But they apparently failed…

Here are web archive links to and, with the last archives that were captured, from before the Moment of Truth Summit.

If the evidence was meaningless and easily proven false they would just let Lindell put it all out there, so they could prove him wrong and thereby humiliate him. They can’t do that. They can’t let the Truth out. Because in the end, Truth wins!

We’re Updating Links and Videos in our Posts to add Alternate Sources Until FrankSpeech is Back Online. Stay Tuned! Here is an alternate archive of videos on Rumble from Mike Lindell’s Moment of Truth Summit that the Deep State is trying to suppress as they keep taking down

[UPDATE: appears to be back online now, but since the Deep State is trying to take them down, who knows how long it will remain online. There is only about 10 days left until most states can start deleting their 2020 election records and data, so the Deep State may be trying to slow down Mike’s call to action to collect the CVRs (Cast Vote Records) through FOIA requests, to run out the clock. So view and share everything you can while it’s still online.]

Springfield, MO 8/20/22 — Today Mike Lindell hosts election fraud experts and representatives presenting election fraud evidence and current status of election fraud investigations and solutions in ALL 50 STATES at The Moment of Truth Summit. Over the next 48 Hrs. the world will see how the USA was taken over through an election fraud coup in 2020 and how we are going to take it back by securing our elections. Tonight will also include the world premiere screening of the now movie, [S]election Code. The events are streaming live on RSBN’s Rumble stream above, and of course also on

After watching this content don’t miss Day II of The Moment of Truth Election Fraud Summit putting the machines on trial to free our elections from electronic manipulation.

Please help spread the word and share this far and wide! BEFORE THE DEEP STATE CAN MEMORY HOLE IT ALL!

How Our Representatives are SELECTED by Computer, Rather than Elected by US —[s]election.code

The world premiere of the earth shattering movie: [s]election.code, introduced by Tina Peters herself as she is currently under court ordered confinement and prevented from attending the premiere by the corrupt political persecutors, who she exposed.

Massive Systemic Election Fraud Evidence in ALL 50 States

Justice Michael Gableman Joins Mike Lindell at The Moment of Truth Summit

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Joins Mike Lindell at The Moment of Truth Summit

Shelby Busch Joins Mike Lindell at The Moment of Truth Summit

Kurt Olsen Joins Mike Lindell at The Moment of Truth Summit

John Gordon Joins Mike Lindell at The Moment of Truth Summit

Sheriff Richard Mack Joins Mike Lindell at The Moment of Truth Summit

Jenna Ellis Joins Mike Lindell at The Moment of Truth Summit

Patrick Colbeck Joins Mike Lindell at The Moment of Truth Summit

Mike Lindell — How We Got Here


Hot off their explosive election fraud conference ‘The Pit’, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, of TrueTheVote, have created a new partnership that will equip sheriffs, inform citizens, and protect our elections – ProtectAmerica

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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